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Water and Engineering


Runoff water at the surface and high groundwater levels in the vicinity of underground structures pose unique engineering difficulties that require specifically designed solutions by our company's experts.


Our expertise includes:

  • Dewatering planning

  • Seepage and drainage problem solutions.

  • Enhanced aquifer recharge.


The company staff's expertise includes: designing drainage and production systems by drillings and trenches based on mathematical models, drainage system designs, and groundwater level estimations.

These mathematical models are the most advanced method for calculating dewatering needs.

(Construction Dewatering and Groundwater Control; Powers et al., 2007). 
The main advantage of this method lies in its ability to perform experiments and test various parameters such as well locations and slurry wall depths. The various solutions obtained by this method allow us to offer our customers the best value and optimize production costs.

Deep well drilling
Dewatering model