The Soil, Rock and Water Experts

Surface Hydrology, Runoff and Soil


Proper management of surface water systems requires an in depth understanding of the inputs, dynamics and interactions of each system with its environment. Our team boasts experts in both natural and manmade surface water systems and evaluates soil slope stability mechanisms and soil erosion.

As part of our work in this arena, Etgar A. Engineering provides services to the Ministry of Agriculture including consulting, monitoring services, data collection, data processing and analysis.

Our expertise includes:

  • Solutions for drainage and channel runoff.

  • Water conservation for meeting Green Building Standards LEED, SI 5281 etc.

  • Analysis of surface water base flow and flood events.

  • Flood reoccurrence interval calculation using advanced statistical methods and hydrometer measurements.

  • Storm-water management and drainage basin management in conjunction with development.

  • Measurements and calculation of soil erosion and recommendations for promoting soil conservation.

  • Construction of hydrological and hydraulic models for rivers and reservoirs.

  • Analysis and calibration of cloud radar data.

  • In field installation of scientific instruments.

  • Flood protection surveys.

  • Surface water sampling.

  • Soil sampling.