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Etgar A. Engineering

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מושב טירת יהודה                      Tirat Yehuda

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The Soil, Rock and Water Experts

Geology, Geotechnics and Geophysics

Geologically complex sites present unique engineering demands. Proper execution requires an intimate knowledge of geology, engineering and the potential influences of environmental conditions. To us, each and every project is a new challenge which we approach given an understanding of the project's particular needs, goals and the surrounding environmental conditions.

Our expertise includes:

  • Geotechnical survey planning, drilling supervision and testing during drilling (Israeli Standard 5826).

  • Tunneling project supervision and consulting: Cut & Cover, TBM, and NATM.

  • RMR and Q classification.

  • Numerical modeling for underground cavity/tunnel characterization.

  • Soil/Rock sampling (undisturbed and disturbed).

  • Continuous coring supervision (wire-line) and RQD classification.

  • Installation of monitoring and measurement systems.

  • Geological surveys, geological mapping and geological reports.

  • Structure and Fault system mapping.

  • Designing and carrying-out geophysical surveys.

  • Geophysical log interpretation and spatial correlation.