The Soil, Rock and Water Experts

Environment, Water & Earth Sciences

The Environment, Water and Earth Sciences division provides professional consulting and project management services based on the most advanced and effective technological solutions on the market. We provide reliable, efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions that stand the test of time.  Our department offers services focused on the fields of: geology, hydrogeology, groundwater and soil contamination, well remediation, surface hydrology, and soil conservation.


Our expert staff combines professionalism, experience and a strong working knowledge of natural geological and hydrological mechanisms to design creative and original solutions. Our team's experience includes management of hundreds of projects from the conceptual planning stage through the final execution stage, including ongoing guidance for continuing management and maintenance.


We strive to provide top quality services by combining thorough and precise field work with data analysis and processing by the most advanced scientific methods.


Surface Hydrology
Well Rehabilitation
Groundwater Sampling
Water & Engineering
Well points for dewatering

The Division's Services include:

  • Geological, soil, water and geophysical surveys – designing, execution and oversight. 

  • Dewatering and groundwater management on industrial and construction sites.

  • Detection and remediation of soil and groundwater pollution. 

  • Phase I, Phase II and Phase III Environmental Site Assessments.

  • Design and drilling oversight for water wells and observation boreholes.

  • Processing and analyzing borehole data.

  • Mapping, including: fault and fracture systems, geology and subsurface contamination.

  • Hydrological feasibility surveys.

  • Geological data processing.

  • Creating geological cross sections, block and fence diagrams.

  • Monitoring system designs.        

  • Decoding aerial and satellite photographs.

  • Treated waste water irrigation consulting.

  • Calculation of production well protection zones.