The Soil, Rock and Water Experts

Soil and Water Contamination


Etgar A. Engineering specializes in contaminated site investigations and evaluating soil and groundwater contamination. Our understanding of potential pollution sources, water sources and different environmental factors that influence the movement of pollutants over time, guides our approach to site investigations.

Etgar A. Engineering is certified by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority and operates accordingly with the ISO/IES 17025 standard. Our company samples soil, piles, and soil gas (active and passive-- TO-15, TO-17) in conjunction with the standards and procedures of the Ministry of the Environment.


Our expertise includes:

  • Phase I, Phase II and Phase III Environmental Site Assessments.

  • Identification of pollution sources.

  • Classification and characterization of pollutants based on their physical and chemical properties.

  • Environmental, historical and soil surveys.

  • Certified sampling of soil gas, soil and water and results analysis.

  • Planning and installing systems for contamination removal and rehabilitation of polluted aquifers.

  • Installation of monitoring systems including wells for monitoring and contaminant removal.

  • Mathematical model development.

  • Mapping of pollution dispersion.

  • Analysis of the connection between surface and sub-surface pollution transport and contaminations pathways.

  • Determining aquifer sensitivity.

  • Calculation of protective radii for water sources.