The Soil, Rock and Water Experts

Well Engineering and Well Rehabilitation


Well Engineering

Our personnel work to assess maximum water levels, and design dewatering solutions including drainage and pumping systems on the basis of mathematical calculations and modeling i.e.: Modflow, SeaWat, WhAEM2000, HYDRUS.

These methods are most advanced worldwide for water table control. The benefit of these methods is the ability to examine several project parameters and scenarios, which could help lower the project costs.

Well Rehabilitation

Wells that have been active for many years often have reduced efficiency and production, necessitating well rehabilitation.


Our expertise includes:

  • Designing dewatering solutions and subsurface drainage during construction.

  • Developing solutions to groundwater intrusion and seepage into buildings.

  • Creating solutions for drainage and seepage of runoff to groundwater.

  • Rehabilitation of wells through treatment of clogged piping and corrosion.

  • Well cleaning, including removal of rocks and algae from pipes.

Our civil engineering division provides engineering support for all of our projects.