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About Us

Etgar A. Engineering is a leading provider of reliable and top quality geological, geotechnical and hydrological solutions. Our company has amassed extensive experience over the years in providing creative solutions that stand the test of time in an untold variety of settings.


Our expert staff combine professionalism and a strong working knowledge of the most advanced and effective technological solutions on the market. Our expertise and work ethic ensure a quality end result and added value for our clients.


Our team is comprised of skilled professionals, all of which undergo specialized training before beginning a project. Our team drives project success by putting an emphasis on the details, quality control, constantly ensuring proper procedure, workmanship quality and providing alternative solutions when needed.


Our clients include the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Agriculture, local authorities, municipalities, private companies and more. Our familiarity with the demands and requirements of each project enable us to help guide our clients through the process and handle bureaucracy swiftly.

Since its establishment, Etgar A. Engineering has worked according to very strict procedures and codes on issues including safety, security, environmental quality, and environmental protection.  We are an accredited laboratory according to the ISO/IES 17025 standard. Click here to view our certificate of accreditation.

Etgar A. Engineering was established in 1984 by a group of seasoned engineers headed by Eng. Gil Brender (M.Sc.). Today, Mr. Brender serves as the CEO and chief engineer of the company.


In 2006, the company expanded to include the Environment, Water & Earth Sciences division, which has established itself as a leader in the field.


Our Guiding Principles

Etgar A. Engineering aspires to maximize our value to our customers by providing quality service, reliability and effective performance while implementing environmentally sustainable solutions and overcoming potential engineering challenges. 


Our work is governed by our guiding principles:


Credibility – We are open and transparent with our clients, providing updates and fostering relationships of mutual trust and confidence.


Efficiency – We take pride in designing and providing creative and cost effective solutions to complex problems. We also value your time and resources, and therefore try to make the most efficient use of them both.


Environment – We are committed to providing solutions that are environmentally sustainable, limit our use of resources and minimize the impact on the environment.


Ethics – We are guided by our strong commitment to ethics and honesty by providing oversight and transparency.


Quality – Our team members and contractors are subject to rigorous and comprehensive inspections performance by professional and well experienced staff.


Safety – Safety and security are our priority, providing staff with training for field safety procedures and expect our staff to act deliberately and responsibly.


Service – We set a high standard for our customer service every step of the way: from the initial program planning stage throughout execution and follow-up.

Executive Leadership

Eng. Gil Brender (M.Sc.): Is the owner and chief engineer of the Civil Engineering division. Gil oversees all of the company's projects. He has decades of experience in managing projects in many fields such as hi-tech, factories and offices, hospitals, commercial centers and schools.

Noam Z. Dvory (PhD): Is an experienced geologist and hydrologist and well-versed in the demands of project implementation, including projects small and large, simple and intricate, in the public and private sectors.

Noam specializes in implementation of projects out in the field and analysis of sub- surface data.

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